Now that you know how Mr. M and I met and started dating, let me fill you on the next part of our relationship.  We began dating on April 23, 2005.  As with most high school relationships, we had our share of problems and were basically on-again-off-again for much of high school, neither of us dating anyone in between.  I think the reason we had so many issues was because we were so much alike.  We both loved riding and training horses.  We both loved the same movies.  There is just something about a 4 wheel drive truck, especially a Chevrolet, that makes us happy.  We are both headstrong and hate to admit we are wrong.  And we were both fiercely crazy about each other.  We wanted to spend every minute of every day together.

It took us a while to actually go out on a date, we spent most of our time at each others houses watching t.v. or riding around in his truck.  I knew he didn’t have much money to spend going on a date  so I didn’t want to pressure him into taking me out.  I was happy just spending time with him.  Unlike many of the boys at our high school, Dustin did not have things handed to him.  He has always worked extremely hard for everything he has and always will.  He would go to baseball practice after school everyday, then immediately go to work on a nearby farm.  Sometimes he would have to work late into the night, then be at the gym at 6 a.m. for morning baseball workouts.  He spent a lot of his money trying to help his dad pay some bills at the time.  He has such a big heart and helps anyone he can.  When he finally did ask me on a date, about a month after we had been dating, I was excited!  I got all dressed up, did my hair, wore makeup, put on some heels (which I can’t stand), and was ready when he picked me up.  When we pulled into Hardee’s, I felt silly for having spent so much time fussing over what to wear.  I would be lying if I didn’t say I was a little bit disappointed.  We still managed to have a blast, and to this day it was the best “date” we have been on.

I spent much of the next year, my senior year, grounded.  Yes grounded.  As a teenage girl, and to this day, I had a temper and was not afraid to show it.  There is no doubt that I get that from my dad.  He hates to admit he is wrong.  I hate to admit, and many times won’t, admit that I am wrong.  Naturally, this temper got me in a lot of trouble.  I remember my parents “punishing” me by making me ride the bus to school as a senior instead of letting me drive my car.  Little did they know that at the elementary school where we switched buses to go to the high school, Dustin would be waiting in his truck to pick me up.  I sometimes miss the days of getting out of school at 3:00 and having nothing better to do than ride around in the truck together or go fishing, something else we both absolutely love.

As my senior year drew to a close, I was worried about our relationship.  Mr. M was a year behind me in school and the college I chose to attend was an hour away.  We had some trust issues since Mr. M had lied to me about stupid little things that he thought would get him in trouble at the beginning of our relationship.  Little did he know that I am a master at finding things out.  Thankfully, he no longer does this and is completely honest with me about anything now.

I remember on my graduation night how proud he was of me.  After everyone had walked across the stage to receive their diplomas, the crowd was permitted on the field to find their graduates.  I remember looking through the sea of people for my family, many of which had driven 12+ hours from Iowa, when I saw Mr. M jump the fence rather than waiting in line to get down the stairs.  He ran over to me and gave me the biggest hug and had the biggest grin on his face.

As the summer came to an end, it was time for me to head off to college.  The night before I was supposed to leave, he took me on our first date to a “real” restaurant.  We enjoyed our dinner and then I cried the whole way home because I was devastated to be so far away from him.  We had spent nearly every day together for the last year and three months.

In the next chapter I will tell how we made it through the college years!


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